Stories from the road.

American Eagle custom still array

For the shooting of this American Eagle Outfitters commercial  with director Olivier Gondry, I designed a 25  camera rig using Canon 1Ds cameras laid out in a 5 X 5 pattern. Modern Studio Equipment in North Hollywood custom built the "rig" out of aluminum.  The frame was designed to tilt and  pivot like the yoke frames used on  4 X 4 mirrors and shiny boards...allowing for it to have pan and tilt functionality when needed.  Our production team at Partisan called just about every still camera rental house in the US and flew in 26 Canon 1Ds cameras for the shoot (one extra for back up!).  All of the cameras were panned in to the center of frame and the action was photographed from these multiple perspectives.  The effect Olivier desired was to keep the action in the center of frame as consistent as possible while the background constantly changed from the various POV's of the Canon 1Ds angles.  An army of data management and stills assistants manned 6 computers to keep us downloading and organized throughout the day of shooting at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.